Tom Cleverley confirmed as an Aston Villa player for the rest of the season

Now, this has come as a bit of a surprise today, but we've only gone and done a deal for Tom Cleverley to join us on loan.

There was a lot of 'banter' around Cleverley, saying he wasn't worth the rumoured £7mn we had bid but now, we're not paying that and we get to see how good he actually is.

I for one don't think he will disappoint, but this is also a good option because if he does, then we just send him home at the end of the season. The downside is, if he does turn out to be quite decent, we might have to pay more or someone else might come in.

I suppose you could say, it's now our job to make him feel loved, if he does turn out to be as good as we'd all like him to be.

Now, I imagine there will be no more surprises, so that is business done and I think we can all agree that with the new players, Roy Keane, new CEO and the fantastic start to the season, it was a good summer.