Time to stick with Lambert as late goal seals the win for Palace

In January this year I wrote that this manager "isn't capable of managing a Premier League side" and I wrote that on the evening of us going out of the League Cup.

What I basically wrote was that Lambert should be sacked in the morning. You should read the post here, it and the comments make for interesting reading. But don't just take what I've written above as me saying he had to go.

And now we've just been beaten by Crystal Palace at home but I don't think Paul Lambert should be sacked and I'm writing that even though it's probably impossible for him now. Did you hear the boos around Villa Park at the final whistle?

My point is, it's possible that it will never get better but we're paying him to learn so why not take advantage of it. I don't think we're going down but I know we're not going to win anything, but nobody can be surprised at that.

At the end of the day we looked better today. Less long balls, more possession and more passing. We just didn't get lucky, but it's a process. We don't just go from long ball, no passing and no possession to the complete opposite and start winning.

In the process is a lot of ups and downs and what we have to do is make that line as straight as possible. But I will say this; it was a dark day when we appointed Alex McLeish and I think the CEO must go.

Why don't we support the manager and question the CEO - after all, he's the man talking to the owner and nodding his head. Why not get someone in who will fight for the club and not just do what the owner wants?

Aston Villa lost today but there are many more games to come and we were never going to win anything, so why not stick with Lambert? It cant get any worse can it.

Some statistics

We had 65% of the possession today and attempted 490 passes, completing 378 (77% success rate) and I know this isn't what you want to hear, but that has been a lot worse.

Everyone has now caught up with how we're playing and it made the national press this week so Lambert has tried to change things. As long as he keeps trying to change things, they might get better.

But we've got to work on our corners and Albrighton has to look up when he's about to cross so he can cross to someone that is actually open to the cross. But those things will come.