The semi-final, Carlos Cuellar, transfers and links

It's going to be one of those days, I just know it. Tomorrow is an important day and a very important match. I'm not going to do a match preview, because I've already done one. It's just an important day and what was written for the first leg, pretty much stands for this one.

I do think we are destined for a final though and this is a competition Martin O'Neill does well in, so I am quite excited by it all, however I am not going to get carried away. Not yet anyway.

Carlos Cuellar

We do have a new desktop wallpaper for you. This time is is Carlos Cuellar. If you want it, all you have to do is click here. I quite like it.


I for one think it important we bring in a player this month. I know some will say that you don't get the good players in January, but that simply isn't true; you just have to look harder and pay more.

It isn't nice, but if you don't prepare properly in the summer and your manager gets you in the position again, for a third season, where spending money might be a good idea and you don't, you can't really complain about not doing better than the season before.

Why do I mention this; well, I think we are going to spend and I think it will be a player to make us think it is possible. Don't ask me why, I'm in an optimistic mood.

I know I am likely kidding myself and getting myself excited for nothing and if anything, the evidence points to us not bringing in this player, but we are within touching distance and while it is easy to argue that now is not the time to buy, there is also a good argument for saying the right player now could really kick us on.


Right, before I go, we have set up a new links page here. Basically, it's going to link to as many Aston Villa resources on the web as possible. If you have a page or website associated with Aston Villa and it isn't on the page yet, post a comment below or get in contact with me and we will probably add it.

That is it. I'm bored and can't wait for tomorrow. I'm going to go print out some flyers.

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