The norm at Aston Villa: Lack of desire and belief that playing in the Premier League is success

Yesterday was a shambles and I don't think there is another way to put it. Not only did we lose at Villa Park to Fulham for the first time in the Premier League, we also lost to the side bottom of the table.

And it was done in a way that has sadly become the norm. The other side had more shots, more attacking threat and scored more goals. Then you've got the manager admitting after the match that he'd have settled for a draw after getting a goal back which makes me angry.

We're not going down, but this is the second season that this manager has done this and things are not moving in the right direction. Things are standing still. There is no development.

And this isn't the first time I've written this. It's old news. He made a big mistake in the summer bringing in all the new players after we finished the season so strongly. He made a big mistake not bringing in a player for the one position we needed strengthening.

But that maybe isn't his fault but it does show his inexperience. It's the fault of the CEO and owner but again, it shows their lack of experience. It's not difficult. It really isn't.

And now, only Fulham have a worse home record than us and we've now had our worst ever season at home and we still have two games left to play. We've committed to this manager though and I think he needs time. But he has to start doing what is right.

But I fear we've gone too far down this road and it will never get better. We've got a CEO that should have been sacked after the Alex McLeish shambles but hasn't, so now people see that the owner doesn't really care and it appears people can get away with anything.

That was basically confirmed when Ian Culverhouse verbally abused home supporters and nothing was done.

If you work at Aston Villa, success isn't something anyone strives for. The only thing the club strive for is to stay in the Premier League and while they wont say that out loud, we all know it to be the case and because we do, we get exactly what we want.

Liverpool finished seventh last season but they can win the Premier League this season. This has happened because everyone at Liverpool believe that is what they should be aiming for. Nobody would have given them a chance at the start of the season, yet it's now theirs to lose.

They are there because they believe they can and they should be. We are where we are because this is what our owner and CEO want and I hope I'm wrong, but maybe it's all our manager is capable of.

Lambert needs more time, but he has to put things right next season, bring in no more than three players and players that will clearly strengthen the first team and we need to believe, as supporters but as a club. And right now, none of us do.