The mystery of the twelfth man and wee Michael Owen

Three points tomorrow would be a huge step in the right direction for Aston Villa and seeing as it should be a full house and seeing as supporters are going to be in their seat for 2.30pm and singing for two hours, I have a feeling, we will get it.

But there is every chance that people won't be in their seat for 2.30pm and there is every chance that Villa Park isn't the cauldron it can be. I've read enough on other sites to suggest it wont be and that many can't be bothered, so don't get your hopes up. However, there there is a chance.

There is a chance it will be massive. There is a chance that the home support really do act as the twelfth man tomorrow. There is a chance that with that extra voice, three points are assured.

There is always a chance and what would it cost you to find out if it is possible?

Anyway, the usual will be happening tomorrow. Early match post, team news as we get it and who knows, maybe a bit of speculation and maybe something better than what you are about to read.

Michael Owen interests Houllier

Cards on the table, Michael Owen will, if he stays fit and injury free, score goals for us. He won't defend or track back and he will hover on the edge of the box, but when we are attacking, he will link up play and he will pop in the box and score goals for fun.

It is what Michael Owen does. He has his horses, he likes a flutter and he scores goals. The thing is and the this is the most important thing to remember about Michael Owen; he is injury prone. He will get injured, he will pull a muscle and he will not play twenty games a season for you.

The Times They Are a-Changin'

But, that isn't such a bad thing, if things are finally moving in the right direction towards a more incentive based wage structure.

What I'm talking about is a report I read this morning suggesting that Manchester United players are going to be given targets and they will earn based on what they achieve.

This is how football should be structured and if I had my way I'd say the maximum salary any football player can be paid is £10,000 a week and I'd structure the bonuses based on where the team finished in the league and how far the got in the cups.

Obviously there would be a lot more to it than that, but my point is, if we can convince Michael Owen to come and play for us by paying him £10k a week - to cover his expenses - but pay him £50,000 a goal and £20,000 an assist - why shouldn't we and why shouldn't we take the risk?

If he could score 20 goals for us next season, I think everyone would agree that paying him £1,520,000 to cover his goals would be a bargain. Hell, pay him £100,000 a goal, if he accepts £10k a week.

Right, football tomorrow and if you can, be in your seat for 2.30pm and bring your singing voice. What have you got to lose in finding out if the twelfth man exists and if he can get us three points?