The miracle of Aston Villa, no Sunday Funday and next Friday

You know it's not going to be Sunday Funday when you can't beat a side in the bottom three and today hasn't started in a way that makes me think it's going to get any better. I might just open a bottle now and see where the day takes me.

But we do have to look at it this way; we're closer today than we were yesterday. A point is better than no point. And again, the third season isn't when it happens and Dean Smith can't be expected to run two pieces of turd together and magic the perfect egg.

It's next season when it counts and it's right now that someone needs to be pitching the Club the idea of fly on the wall documentary and they should call it the Miracle of Aston Villa, and yes, I've taken that idea from the wonderful book. I mean, it's next year it happens and why shouldn't someone be filming it, interviewing the players, staff, CEO and fans and someone not controlled by the Club, but someone that wants to share stories and ask the real questions.

It's the stories we'll be telling our grandchildren in years to come that put a smile on our face today. A little like that first school disco dance. You all know what I mean. Nobody talks about relegation in the future, we talk miracles, moments and magic.

Someone make the film

And because it is next season that counts why should we even bother talking about Reading. I'm just going to leave the highlights. You can decide to watch them or not. It's a 0-0 draw with five shots on target.

Think about that for a moment because it's a shot on target every 18 minutes. Look at Brentford on the other hand who beat Blackburn 5-2 yesterday with a shot on target every 7 minutes. Some things just don't make sense.

Next weekend could be great

So, you've either watched the above or not and if you have well done. I couldn't watch it. Although in fairness I punished myself yesterday, so I wasn't going to do it again.

Instead, we should look forward to next Friday because it's Friday night football for us as Sheffield United are coming to Villa Park. And before looking, no it's not the Steve Bruce side that won yesterday, it's the other side from Sheffield that are sitting third in the table.

And I mean, if we win next Friday we're going to have an awesome weekend. I'm making plans right now for Saturday and I'm going big Sunday Funday and I'm even cheating by planning to work from home on the Monday, but only if we win.

And this is what it should be about. It's not about the signings this week or the results of performances since Smith took over. It's about enjoying the moments and making memories. Up the Villa.