The FA Cup, Berbatov, Trochowski and Kyle

This is a special day in the football calender. All over the world people are doing something special for this match. It might be a BBQ with friends, some will be getting out of bed just to watch it and some will be getting on a train right about now at Lime Street to make the trip to London.

Chelsea supporters will still be in bed, dreaming of what could have been and for an upturn in the economy so they can get back to buying the league, because this must really be seen as a consolation prize for them, if they win it, after the fairly average season they've had.

I don't know who is going to win though, but I'm predicting a fairly dull match and I've had a fiver on Everton to win 1-0, only because it was 10/1 although my head does say a Chelsea win.

But it is a special day and before we leave the FA Cup, have you ever felt like you'd like to lift the FA Cup? If you have, you can now. Visit this site, print out a piece of paper and point it at your webcam. You'll get a photo of you and the FA Cup. But I want to move on, but before I get to Villa, Berbatov.

Now, he isn't a Villa player but I read something this morning about Berbatov, in fact here it is, from the BBC Gossip pages.

Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov is questioning his Old Trafford future after being left on the bench for Wednesday's Champions League final

Now, they got it from the Daily Mirror, so it should be seen as questionable from the off, but we will question something from the Mirror on here if it is about Villa and we are all football fans, so this gets a mention. Can it really be true?

I don't think it can be. He only joined at the beginning of the season and has already experienced more success that he ever had in his career and he's playing for one of the biggest football teams in the world. Would anyone really be questioning his future at Manchester United? Stories like this really are surprising, much like AVMark coming on and not having something negative to say, if he doesn't do it, I'd be very surprised.

Maybe not as surprising as the rumour that us, Spurs and Everton are after Hamburg player Piotr Trochowski. Now, I can tell you he's the Polish born, German international who plays in midfield. He's a decent player and we are in need of decent players and he would add something to us.

The bonus would be that he is coming from the German league and if you were to look at the top European leagues, that one is probably the closest to our league and you'd hope that it would be the easiest one to move from and hit the ground running. Lot's of hope needed here and it is only speculation.

Lastly today, keeping it on Villa, we've apparently had a £2mn. bid for Kyle Naughton rejected and apparently Sheffield United have put a £6mn. price tag on him.

Could it be true that we offered a third of what the player is valued at by his club? It wouldn't surprise me but after last summer and the managers stance on Gareth Barry, then he shouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden he has to pay ridiculous asking prices. It may have already happened, in the case of Steven Defour and I don't think we should be surprised if it happens again this summer.

So, I'm off to marinade some meat and get some beer in the fridge. The FA Cup final, while maybe not holding the same traditional appeal as it used to is still a special day and I for one am looking forward to it and if you didn't know, Saint & Greavsie are back for today, so tune in, if you can.