The clowns of Birmingham, it was their FA Cup Final and what have we learnt?

I know it's an excuse, but for the players and manager of Notts County, that was always going to be the biggest match of the season for them. Deep down they believed they had a chance, but they all knew it would have taken something very special to have won.

But with that belief, however combated it may be, comes a desire and that is why the night turned out the way it did.

But it's an excuse for letting in three goals against a side that we shouldn't be letting in three goals against. The more worrying aspect is, if they can score three against us who else will and will we be able to get more next time it happens?

And we could argue that we were not playing our strongest side and we didn't, but didn't we have another defender and why can't players play two games so close together?

The really worrying thing is that Traore got injured and came off limping. If we've learnt anything the past few days it's that this lad has got something special and his goal last night is something that Gabby should be watching all day.

But we have learnt something; even though there are enough players to be playing two teams these days, consistency is probably what we should focus on.

The clowns

But the big news form last night was the draw for the next round. We've only ended up getting The Clowns. But people, I want you to remember, for them this will also be their FA Cup Final. And before I go, a word of warning; they're a simple bunch so try not to engage with them. You know what they say about arguing with stupid people.

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