The chart, an Aston Villa win and something I have to do

I have already written this post, but in a drunk moment, I lost it. So it's not going to be as long as the last one, but I'll try to get the points across. Let me start by saying that Micah Richards didn't play and we won and we didn't concede. I love his passion, but I honestly don't think he's a great football player.

And you know what, he wont mind me having that opinion. He's paid and he's going to be paid more and it doesn't really bother him. We saw the other day, he's got balls, and my opinion means nothing to him, so don't abuse me for it if it doesn't bother him.

About the win

I must also point out that it wasn't a lucky win. For 93 minutes every player on the pitch ran for every ball they could. There was 100% effort for those 93 minutes. We haven't see that in a while; it was nice. It was also recognised for the last few minutes by the home crowd. The last few minutes also reminded me of how special Villa Park can be. But only the last few minutes.

Anyway, we won. I'm ecstatic. I tweeted something after we went 1-0 up that if we managed to hold on and win the game, that I'd give up booze for February, quit smoking (that's easy as it's not really a full time thing) but also buy an exercise bike (I've noticed a few extra pounds after Christmas). And we did. So I'm going to. And if you don't mind I'll pst some photos of the bike and my dry February here.

But before that, you'll know about my chart. It's the win one, lose one and draw one from when Garde took over. It's updated below. It's not great, but it's better. I'm going for a smoke and a drink, before I have to stop them.

The chart

Avfc 21