The best left back and positive thinking

Some things, like a good bottle of wine, are worth waiting for. You open it, let it breath and you might, if it is a really good bottle decanter it and let it sit a little longer.

I like to think that this post is worth waiting for. Not for a particular reason, only because I promised it was coming and here it is.

You see, with no football this weekend, something that really does annoy me, I've stretched this week out longer than usual and I've also been busy, so I've not really had the time to get the posts up as I normally do and actually, there is nothing more to this post apart from the vote.

Left back

Continuing the project - today we are looking for the best left back to have played for Aston Villa in the 90's and 00's. Click here to vote for who you think should be in the team.

The vote is important, so take your time when thinking of it and other than the news that Habib Beye might be leaving on loan, there is nothing more to report. Another vote coming on Saturday, or maybe tomorrow, but I'm busy again tomorrow - this time with a surprise for the wife and a little break for me.

Video of the day

So, until I see you again though the window or not, {rokbox title=|Positive thinking :: Or positive drinking| text=|a video - with a message that does, I promise you, really work.|size=|640 510| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}

I'm off to watch some football - don't know what, but I know if I look hard enough I'll find it and for everyone that has sent me an email this week, that includes Doc, Adam, Dan, Matt and a few others - I'll get to them tonight or tomorrow.