Ten man Aston Villa draw with Sunderland but it wasn't a great match

It was almost predictable but not, in so much I really thought we'd win today because the last time we won was four matches ago and if we have learnt anything under this manager it's that he gets a win out of every five games. But I suppose we should be happy with eight points out of a possible eighteen ... shouldn't we?

I don't know. Really, I want to say no, but this is the new Aston Villa, so maybe we should. But did you start supporting the 'new' Aston Villa? I didn't and I'm not sure I'm happy.

And the truth is, when you think about the entire match, it wasn't great. The last few minutes were interesting but by that stage Sunderland had gone closest. We also had Delph shown a straight red fairly early into the second half for a foul, that for me anyway, was a yellow. But this one wont be rescinded because you have seen these given many times, but football isn't what it used to be.

What the should do is make football a no contact sport. Any contact would result in a new card, a blue card, that would mean 3 minutes in a sin bin. Three blue cards is an automatic yellow and a yellow can also be awarded to a player that doesn't five out of the way of a good challenge. I mean, football is a contact sport but it isn't really is it, not the way it used to be and red cards are thrown around these days like the referees are awarded bonuses for red cards.

I'm getting sidetracked, it was a poor game overall and even though I thought we would win, we didn't and we were fairly poor, but only in the final third. But it was almost as if Sunderland wanted to let us play up to the final third, knowing they would be able to contain us. Most teams know we have little in the final third.

But there are some positives. First one was Sanchez. He played like a player that has finally figured out the Premier League and hopefully he'll get better. The second was Jack Grealish coming on and having an impact. I think also it's fair to say that after Grealish came on, we created much more.

There are also some negatives. Okore was dropped for Vlaar and it just feels a little like the manager is trying to keep a player happy over doing what is best for the club. It just doesn't feel right, but it's up to the manager and well, he's sort of safe in his job, because it's Crystal Palace next and surely we'll beat them right?