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Team of our generation: Who to partner Paul McGrath and brief news

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Paul McGrath won the vote for best central defender over the previous two decades. It was the easiest one you've had to make and some might think this next one is easy too, but I'm not convinced.

Today, we're going to find out who partners him and then on Thursday we're going to finish the team and at the weekend or early next week, I'll produce the team.

Seconds best central defender

So, please click here to vote on who you think that player should be. Voting is open for a few days before closing.

News in brief

I'm in a hurry today, lots of things on and I've started the day unprepared for this rush. So, instead, I'm just going to summarise a few things loosely related to Aston Villa. First up, Sian Massey, will be running the line when we meet Blackpool at the weekend. I want to say something about her running the line over me, as I like it strict, but I'll leave it.

Ashley Young is set to announce what is going on at the end of the season. He is doing this for two reasons - we will be told one and not the other and it will either be good or not. I think he might stay but I think it really does come down to how much money the manager is going to get in January and about him acting quickly and getting the nod from the manager that he is very firmly in his plans.

Lastly, you all know by now that Gabby has withdrawn from the England squad that will be wasting time in Denmark tomorrow. Well, rumours are he has had another child, so if true, congratulations. Thing is, the rumours also suggest he hasn't had it with the right woman. We all know Gabby is a bit of a tart, but come on, how many times does it take for him to learn.

That really is it from me today, sorry about that tart reference Gabby, but you're in that place now where money isn't an issue and you can get away with anything you want, so you do. But next time, wear a condom.

Continuing the project - today we are looking for the central defender to partner Paul McGrath from the 90' and 00's. Click here to vote for who you think should be in the team.