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Still gutted, reports from France and three points on Saturday

I think my view on Monday night can be picked up from one of the comments I've read the past couple of days, so we are not going over old ground, but I will say, at stages on Monday night I was extremely happy with the football.

When I say football, I mean the passing, the movement and the control. We will never know what Kevin MacDonald could have brought to this club now, which is sad, but that is football.

And, it looks like he might be off, which is just a kick in the nuts, but not a surprising one. I suspect he feels set up by the club and there is every chance he has got the bug of managing at this level. I really wouldn't be surprised to see him managing in the Premier League one day.

So, with MacDonald confirmed as having no role with the first team, we are left to speculate on who will be joining Houllier. French newspaper L’Equipe have said that Robert Duverne, the coach that had a bust up with Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra at the World Cup, is likely to join Houllier at the club, although they didn't say in what role. It could be as his assistant or as fitness coach.

He needs both and I fancy the smart money will be on Gary McAllister coming in as his assistant, but that is only because wee Gordon Strachan confirmed that there has been some contact.

So, with no set date on when the kit is coming and no set date on when Houllier starts and only Bolton to look forward to, we have nothing else for you at the moment.

I'm not very busy at the moment though so I'm going to put a little bit of time aside for the match preview post and I'm going to put next months mortgage payment on a home win at the weekend. I mean, if we can't beat Bolton at home, we are doomed.