Spurs 2 Aston Villa 0: Will McLeish ever learn or is this as good as it gets?

I don't know where to start. Honestly, there are so many things but to top it all off, I'm proper pissed off. It was just so predictable and knowing what is going to happen and that we have no real chance is horrible. This isn't what Aston Villa is about.

Let me start with what is fresh. The manager once spoke about dropping defenders that couldn't defend. Not long after saying that James Collins failed to defend a set piece and the shortest player on the pitch scored. Tonight, he failed with the basics. Does that mean he is going to get dropped now?

Or should Is tart with the team for tonight and him starting with five defenders. He started to invite pressure. Whatever way you look at this, it was wrong. Why play a defender in a midfield position when you have £10mn player who plays in that position that you brought to the club in the summer?

It gets worse

Worse still, what sort of message does it send out to the other players on the bench like Bannan and Delph and those that didn't even make it like Albrighton? Add to that we play a striker in midfield - it is just making it worse.

What makes it even worse and what puts the cherry on the cake, for me anyway, is this was all too predictable. Did we expect anything else from this manager? No. If anyone says any different, then you are kidding yourself.

Sure, I said Id give him a chance, but come on. He isn't even trying. Where is the fight. Where is the desire. Where is the will to win. We had none tonight because he sent the team out not to lose. He sent eleven men out tonight to play for a draw. How depressing is that.

I wouldn't mind if we lost and we had gone out to win the match, but this manager doesn't know how to do that and that is why he was relegated twice from this very league.

Not an overreaction

But don't think I'm overreacting because I'm not. We wont get relegated, because there are much worse teams than us, even on a bad day, but I can promise you this; we will go nowhere under this manger. There isn't even hope of organic growth, because he plays a team to play against an opposition and he doesn't play his own game.

We are going nowhere with this manager and despite what the interview said at the weekend, the only reason we have this manager is because he is the only one that would take the job on the basis of having limited funds. We need to find someone that wants to do it with fire in his belly. This manager will tell anyone that will listen he has, but he doesn't really - because he doesn't play to win or develop players, he plays safe.

Sorry if this is harsh, but it was a dark day for Aston Villa when he took over and nothing has changed. We were actually lucky to only lose by two tonight.