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Someone is in trouble: Aston Villa show interest in South Korea international Cho Yong-hyung

Martin O'Neill goes on holiday just once a year, for two months, and look what happens; the club start asking about players. Someone is going to be shouted at and told to stand in the corner.

What are we talking about? Well, according to the Korea Herald, we have shown interest in Cho Yong-hyung from South Korea. Not only that - we have quotes.

"Aston Villa and a few other European clubs have shown interest in Cho," his agent said in the paper. "I can confirm that he is on their transfer list and I expect the official deal will be made after the World Cup."

Now - we have more central defenders than we can throw a stick at but I suspect Curtis Davies is leaving, on a jet plane, so we will need more cover and why not - whoever we bring in, it isn't going to matter that much.

In other news, okay not really news but seeing as James Milner is back after putting in a decent cross at the World Cup, I am hoping that the will he stay or will he go speculation is put to bed fairly soon.

I am fairly sure the club have an offer for him and I am fairly sure he has made up his mind, so I just think it would be nice, if one way or the other, this could get sorted out sooner rather than later so we don't have to go through the summer waiting for it to happen.

That is it for today. There is nothing else, really, there isn't. Actually, there is. You can book your Christmas party at the club now for this Christmas and probably next, by reading this.