Some real Aston Villa news and it's not good

The silly season is upon us. Newspapers and television channels invent preposterous stories to keep the public watching and reading. And it’s all nonsense. And we know it’s all nonsense but we keep discussing it as though it were real. Or might be real.

We need to grow up. However an item of news today leads me to believe that the people that run Aston Villa also need to grow up.

“Aston Villa made a late bid to trump Birmingham City for new £6 million signing Nikola Zigic.

According to Milan Calasan, Villa ‘begged’ Zigic to hold off committing himself until he had met with Martin O’Neill.

“We were contacted by Aston Villa on the day that we had already arrived in Birmingham and were talking to them,” Calasan told the Birmingham Mail.

“They begged us to wait a while. Without Martin O’Neill no decision can be taken, and he’s on holiday.

“In that case, there was nothing more logical than to finish a job with the club where all the doors were open.”

If this is true then the supporters are entitled to some answers to some very searching questions. If this is true then Aston Villa need to answer the inevitable charge of “gross negligence”.