Sherwood has today and tomorrow to resign: Aston Villa 1 Swansea 2

For the first ten minutes today we played a high tempo game and took it to Swansea. After that, it evened out. We then went one up and then Swansea scored two. We lost again. Against a side that was there for the beating.

And for me, this is why Sherwood has today and tomorrow to resign. He has an opportunity to do something most managers don't do these days. He has a chance to write the script and not be just another casualty.

Because as I wrote a few weeks ago, it's inevitable that Sherwood will go, so this is his chance to take control of the situation.

And that's it. I have little else to write that I haven't written so many times before. And the worrying part of all this is that we know it's not just Sherwood. The CEO now has to bring in Moyes - a proper manager. Someone that knows what he's doing and has done it.

None of these part time managers that have never proven themselves. Someone that can do the job and will have a plan.

I'm going to get drunk but before I do, I will say this; Ayew looked good and he took his goal really well. I'm officially not a fan of Richards now; he gave away the free kick for the first Swansea goal and seemed to stop running for the second, that just went straight across him. But, I know that will annoy some, I just don't see him as a central defender - put him at right back and the freedom to get forward and I'll be fine - he's just no central defender.

Now for beer, wine and some meat.