Sensible heads prevail and Aston Villa stick with Steve Bruce

Not very deep down, most knew that the new owners were not going to appoint Gary Neville as our new manager, or Thierry Henry for that matter. Sensible heads are sensible and appointing someone with zero experience in management, was not wise. Watch what happens this season to others that were bored of the limelight and the game and got back in.

And while most of us know it was the sensible thing, having a few former players and football pundits pointing out the obvious didn't hurt either.

And I only write that part because these days in football, you just don't know for sure what is going to happen. But this is a very good start by the new majority owners and yes, that was confirmed yesterday too. More great news.

And while there is a minority that don't want Bruce to continue and some were even happy to support Henry simply because they didn't want Bruce, now is the time to support the team. Bruce is the man. It's about positivity now and not negativity.

And it's the right decision for many more reasons than Henry didn't have any experience. This is the managers second full season, he has turned around a toxic dressing room into one that appears by all accounts to be a happy and serious one (these things don't happen overnight). He also got us as close as he could in his first full season to promotion.

Again, these things don't happen instantly and I hope for us to go one better this season. If you would like that to happen, then hope for it too. It's not so blind this season.

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