Semi-final week, Robbie Keane Tuesday and The Fonz

In just a few short days we meet Chelsea at Wembley and the only thing I can say for sure that I know isn't going to happen, it's that we won't see another humiliation. If we did, well, it doesn't bare thinking about and besides, it won't happen.

O'Neill won't allow it to happen and with the players properly rested there is every chance that they will get to that 60 minute mark and still have some gas in the tank and be ready for the Chelsea onslaught - assuming Chelsea do the same thing and up the tempo with thirty minutes to go.

Whatever happens on Saturday it is going to need something special if we are to win. Chelsea are a team that look like they are peaking in every department at the right time and they are going for the double. Chelsea will be taking this match as seriously as they can.

So, a big match and one that I think O'Neill might fancy his chances in. Against United in the League Cup, I was convinced we would win on the day, I just had a feeling and well, we didn't. This time, I don't fancy our chances and neither do the bookmakers; we are 5/1 while Chelsea are 4/7.

Maybe that will work in our favour, who knows. This is our last hope of winning anything this season and while mathematically we can still grab fourth place, well, we don't need to go into that again. Mathematically Pompey could still stay up.

Tuesday and the Robbie Keane rumour

The one about Robbie Keane is getting so old that it is getting picked up again, almost three weeks after it started. It isn't going to happen - certainly not at the money they are talking about anyway; £10mn plus.

Robbie Keane is a very decent football player, but Robbie Keane will also be 30 years old by the time next season starts and he has peaked. We needed Robbie Keane when O'Neill became manager, not now. It would feel too much like a last gasp desperate bid and that is how clubs end up with dead wood on the books.

Now, a Robbie Keane type player, who can sit in the whole behind a main striker and the midfield four is exactly what we need and with the £10mn plus this rumour suggests we have, why don't the club pay me £1mn and I'll go fly around the world and find that player for a quarter of the price and even be able to offer up one or two more players and still come in under budget and with something we can put to the balance sheet and hopefully resell in a few seasons at a tidy profit.

Sell to buy policy

The Express & Star were running a headline titled 'O’Neill could be forced to sell stars' and I know, I shouldn't have clicked, but I did. They were using some stuff from The Guardian article at the weekend that was basically O'Neill saying, if he had to sell, he wouldn't down tools.

Bottom line; we are not run like a corner shop any more and we don't need to buy to sell. Do we?

The Fonz

Last bit for today and The Fonz is happy to go out on loan if it gets him first team experience. He is happy training with the first team but basically wants more football. You can't blame him can you. The lad has talent and he isn't playing and we are not scoring that much and he is wondering what he has to do.

I think he will get his chance and hopefully he will get it soon.