Season over in August: Aston Villa out of League Cup

Aston Villa lost last night and I saw people calling for Lambert to be sacked. Manchester United lost the other night and some of their supporters started supporting their local team. Football is a strange game these days and I'm not sure if I like the game or not.

And I went into yesterday not taking the game that seriously because I knew changes were coming and as far as Lambert is concerned, this isn't an important tournament. Just because I think it is, doesn't mean he should and knowing ahead of time that he isn't going to take it seriously means I don't get annoyed by it.

So, while I didn't think we were going to lose, I wasn't surprised by it. With that many changes and a manager that has shown in the past that he's fairly naive when it comes to meeting teams that have some fight about them, it really does just mean that our season is officially over and the manager can now concentrate on keeping his job.

Season over in August

And lets be clear about this, unless we see a miracle in the FA Cup, the season is over and the manager is literally here trying to save his job. So the defeat last night just means one less thing for him to worry about and less games for the likes of Given, Baker, Bacuna, Cole, Grealish and Bent to play in.

And with only 17,918 at Villa Park last night, I suspect I'm not alone in thinking what I think. It's sad but the previous CEO made this happen. Hopefully the new CEO will change things around, with the help of some decent football.

But we can move forward and can now enjoy this season. We can hope that things get a little better and it all starts this weekend. We must win on Sunday for Lambert to have any real chance of winning over some of the supporters.

In other news

So, with the easy acceptance that last night happened, there is other news to think about. First, Gary Gardner has joined Brighton on loan until January. If he can play and not get injured, it will be good for him and it gives us all a reason to look out for their results.

I really do hope Gardner does well, but a part of me thinks this is him getting showed off in the shop window.

Lastly, before the Hull post, Paul Faulkner, the former CEO of Aston Villa that wasn't sacked, looks like he's going to be taking over at Nottingham Forest quite soon. I feel sorry for Forest fans if true; he'll rip the soul out of that club and could be quite influential in them not getting promoted.

All about Sunday now. September is a big month for Aston Villa and it all starts on Sunday.