Sad news about Stan, Chelsea tomorrow and until then

I'll start with the sad news about Stan Petrov. If you didn't already know, Stan has been diagnosed with acute leukaemia. I'm not a medical person, but it doesn't sound nice and well, you can only hope that he gets the best help he can and that things go well, or as well as they can.

I'll continue with the number of posts that you see on the site at the moment. It is no more than three a week these days and there are reasons for that and I'll take this chance to explain why.

First things first, when I started this blog, there were not many people blogging about Aston Villa and now there are loads and they all write their own thing. Some talk down to you, some talk about everything, some are very good and some are not, but it does mean, I don't need to blog in the same way.

But there is another reason and this is the main one. It is that there is little to actually write about that is positive or real. Maybe I want to use the word honest, but maybe that will be too much.

Chelsea tomorrow

So, that is that. Now to football and that is what I like to blog about - the match and the build up. Tomorrow, we have Chelsea coming and they look up for it.

I am a betting man and the one thing I can tell you about this match is that I will not be betting on it and actually, that is a positive. You see, I can not see us winning, but at the same time, we might be able to hold them long enough to steal a point. I'm also not convinced they will win.

The bookmakers will tell you this is an away win, but I think, we might get lucky. The thing is, lucky for us these days is a point. A mircale is a win against a side like Chelsea.

I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, I'll just keep moving on. Good luck Stan.