Rumours and banter, free coach travel and news

Morning all. There has been a lot of talk the last few days of certain players and well, I´ve sort of stayed away, but rumours are intensifying, so today, we get back to the business of speculation.

First up today is the one that we are interested in Barnsley's teenage striker Reuben Noble-Lazarus. He is 16 years old and has been playing since he was 15.

Now, I can´t say I remember seeing him play but part of me thinks this isnt´t the first time I´ve heard this rumour, so there could be something in it and we know O´Neill likes young talent and well, it does sort of fit in with what appears to be the master plan.

Another rumour is that we are after Jay Bothroyd from Cardiff, if England striker and Aston Villa bench warmer Emile Heskey leaves in January and one of the clubs apparently interested in Heskey, is, surprise surprise, Birmingham City.

The rumour about them wanting Craig Gardner doesn´t seem to want to go away either, but I fancy he will be staying. I suspect some will say they can have Heskey and he´ll know exactly what it is like with them seeing as he has played for them.

But that is all speculation and none of it is likely to happen. What has happened though, or is about to according to reports, is that Nathan Baker and Eric Lichaj are to join Lincoln City on loan.

I´m not sure if it is confirmed yet but Martin O´Neill has a soft spot for Chris Sutton and you sort of wouldn´t be surprised if he did ask for some help and for these two players, it would be good to get some regular football.

It all adds up for those two players, much like it does for the free coach travel to Sunderland. If you were not aware, you can get free coach travel for the Carling Cup game on Tuesday.

It is a lovely gesture and one I am sure that will be taken up and well appreciated. But last time we had free coach travel we lost. I hope it doesn´t happen again and I don´t expect it to.

Right, I have to rush to a meeting, but I´ll be back in an hour or two and you never know, we might even get a match preview today.