Roy Keane walks out on Aston Villa and twenty is the magic number

Before I get started, I ran a competition last week and I'm getting to the answers, but I'm busy, really busy with a couple of things and it's going to take me a while to add up all the numbers. The winner will be announced soon and I'm going to throw in a t-shirt as a way of an apology. But that isn't the news today.

The news is that Roy Keane has walked out on Aston Villa and this for me signals the end for Paul Lambert. Regardless of what the press say or what anyone else says, this is a man that knows things are not right and he's getting out before it's too late.

Keane doesn't want to go down with the ship and who can blame him honestly? He didn't come for this and he doesn't need the money. Aston Villa have been dire this season and I don't buy into this getting a point is a good result and neither does Keane.

Twenty is the magic number

And it's summed up some statistics I saw yesterday, that you've probably all seen and it's about the number 20. We're 20th for pretty much all the key stats when playing football; scoring goals, shooting, converting chances, shots on target, accuracy and creating chances. We're bottom of the list for all of them!

But you don't need to see those numbers to know the truth. I gave Lambert time, because I thought it was right and because I thought he deserved it, but time is up and if Randy doesn't do something soon and I've written this before, I don't see three worse sides than us this season and I fear we will go.

This is when the owner has to do something and if he doesn't then there is something seriously wrong with the club. Match post soon, but probably not today because as you know I'm busy, but this is going to be an interesting one.