Keane signs for Villa. Almost. Eventually

Robbie Keane is set to become an Aston Villa player after the club finally agreed that the he could have the £500,000 that he started haggling with Doug about so many years ago. Joking aside, the deal is almost done and you know what, all things considered, for the six or seven games we will have him, it isn't such a bad deal.

Don't get me wrong, I'd take it from a gang of bikers for that type of money, but these days, £500k in football isn't that much and say what you want, he is a quality player and he will link up play better than anyone we have right now. Don't expect him to be an out and out striker, that isn't what he does.

So for however many games it actually ends up to be, you've got to be happy, because it is as good as a one off fee and it looks like our owner is learning quick.

Last year Lerner had to fork out nearly £40,000,000 for Darren Bent (on paper) - this year is is a fraction of that and if Keane delivers what Bent delivered in two months after joining, that will secure our safety. He's a cunning fox Mr Lerner, of that there is no doubt.

So, take a moment to welcome Mr Keane - we all know we were his boyhood club.