Richardson in town to sign deal with Aston Villa

Summer is here and the time is almost upon me to take a beer, but before I do, the story of Kieran Richardson deserves a mention as he is in town with his father to do a deal.

Clyde Richardson, the dad, is his agent or manager or whatever you want to call it and it's thought that Roy Keane has been an instrumental figure in making this deal happen.

Richardson had a year left on his deal at Fulham but wants Premier League football and is also happy to play at left back, or and this is going to be interesting if it happens, the left side of a back five.

Five at the back again

Now, many of you will remember that Lambert tends to start the season with a back five, not have a great run, then revert to a back four to save himself. With the right players in the back five i.e. intelligent and experienced, maybe this will work for him.

It's thought that Richardson is the right player for this and also likes to get forward. Time will tell.

But, they're both in town and the deal is going to get done today. It wont be the biggest deal Richardson has ever signed but it's one that thanks to Roy Keane, is going to get done.

And look at the time, it's lunch, which means a quick beer.