Reality check: Aston Villa drop points at home to Wolves

Some are going to think this is a dig at the manager, but it isn't. It is actually a poke at those that think that, because it is the way it is.

It is the way it is because of the manager we have. He doesn't know how to win games and his specialty is the draw. I'm very disappointed. I'm not surprised.

The game, apart from the first fifteen minutes of the second half, was dull. It was uninspiring and it was typical of where we find ourselves, now accepting this mediocrity while the owner rapes the club of all the money he can get his hands on.

Drawing at home to the team that finished 17th in the League last season is not the issue. The issue is how we drew the match. Anyone that starts looking for excuses or reasons why, before you do, just for a moment, try not believe the PR and bullshit served to you by the club.

Man of the match

If after that, you are in any way inclined to vote for a man of the match, please vote to the right.

And I'm sorry, but this is the best it is going to get under this manager. We might beat a team, but then we will lose one and then we will draw.

There is no real hope - all we have done is take a journey man with an average record and it is only considered average because of Scotland; take that away and he'd not have a job in football.

I'm off for a beer and hopefully some good football from another match.