QPR 1 Aston Villa 1: Most won't be surprised with the final result

I said before the game that I was only interested in the ninety minutes and with my claret and blue glasses on, I'm well, not surprised by the result, although I must admit I thought we had this in the bag until the own goal from Richard Dunne with a minute to go.

I don't care that it was a fairly dire game or we had very little to write home about in the first forty five minutes. I also don't care that while the second half was better, it was not really anything to write home about either or that the goal came from a very generous penalty that nobody appealed for.

The only thing I care about is the three points and we didn't get them today and that is reason to be unhappy, if everything else didn't count.

The match

The first half was horrible and we were looking like a team that had no confidence and only going through the motions. Honest, if you didn't see it, skip right to the second half if you've saved it.

In fairness, the second wasn't great either - we just played with a little more impetus, but not much more and we got very lucky with the penalty. A cross was put into the box by I think Warnock and Gabby had his shirt pulled and fell. He falls a lot and we also see a lot of shirt pulling in games, so again, we were lucky to get it.

But, up stepped Barry Bannan to convert it and wasn't he happy. After that, he was taken off to be replaced by Albrighton and we were doing enough to win the game and get the three points.

But with a minute to go of the added five, QPR are attacking and a cross comes in and it bounces off Richard Dunne into the goal. Kick in the teeth, but all things equal, they deserved it if only because of the soft penalty we got.

Man of the match

So, before I go empty something out of the garage to take my mind off things and before you smash your keyboard, please vote for your man of the match to the right.

I'm really quite gutted, but not surprised. After 6 games we have eight points. Sounds about right doesn't it?