QPR 1-1 Aston Villa: Poor performance, great point considering

It was shoddy again but QPR are no Champions League side and this is where it all goes wrong for us. We play Manchester United and the likes of Arsenal and we look okay, but we play a side that can't play football, like Reading or QPR and we look like Reading or QPR.

It was, to be brutally frank, football that will get us relegated. Forget about the result, the football was bad. And when you have the likes of Darren Bent on the bench, that last season converted more goals from chances, as a percentage, than any other striker in the Premier League, you have to start asking questions.

But we did good

But yes, there were stages in the game when we held on to the ball. In these stages we passed the ball across our back line and a midfielder really well, but there was zero movement above that and we ended up, pretty much every time, giving the ball back to Guzan who hit long and we lost the ball.

The football, again, looked like Championship football. It isn't about the players, it is about what you tell the players to do and it's starting to look clear as day that these players are not getting told.

I don't have to like him

And here it is; I don't like Lambert. I listen to him on the radio and I watch him in interviews and I dont like how he comes across, because I don't believe him. I don't believe him and I have, as of today, little faith in him.

But listen here; I don't have to like him for him to be a success. And if the football starts to get better I can change my mind, but right now, we're playing like a Championship club and that was always a possibility when employing a Championship manager.

But, it was a point and it moves us up a place so I could be overreacting. I maybe am, but the football needs to get better. Much better.

The team

Guzan, Clark, Lichaj, Baker, Lowton, Westwood, Bannan (Delph - 67' ), Herd (Williams - 65' ), Gabby, Holman (El Ahmadi - 70' ) and Benteke.