Poor decisions from the referee mean Aston Villa lose tonight

Some blog posts should be written sober and after time to reflect, but tonight, I'm not taking that time or listening to my own advice. I don't care.

But first let me say, we shouldn't have won tonight. But we also shouldn't have lost. We had as many shots on target in 90 minutes as Chelsea did. That should be something that counts for something ... but I don't know what.

But we should have also had a penalty. And some will say John Terry couldn't have moved his arm and it was ball to hand, but in the first half there was a very clear ball to hand against us and it was given.

Bottom line, we should have had a penalty but it wasn't given. Add to this, the player that scored the winner for Chelsea could have quite easily been sent off just a few minutes before ... but he wasn't. I'm not sure why.

And this is all I have to say on this match. Because if I say anything else, I could get into trouble. So maybe this is a post I can write after a few beers.

There will be more tomorrow on the match but right now I've got to leave, otherwise it could be me sleeping on the couch again tonight, but I will say this, if we play on Saturday like we have played the last two matches, we'll get three points against Liverpool.