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Petrov, cheats and an exclusive, all in one post

There is nothing Aston Villa going on that warrants a link or a mention at the moment. Yes, there is the odd bit of speculation, but it is just that and I'm struggling to justify writing about our interest in Messi or Kaka because I can exclusively reveal Martin O'Neill would love to have them at the club next season.

Martin O'Neill is also very keen on former Manchester City winger Martin Petrov and I fancy, if it is true that O'Neill is interested, he'll come to us, if we pay him enough.

But this deal is going to come down to money, because it will very much be his last pay day and there is no transfer fee. I think he can offer something and the talk around my little office is that Stiliyan Petrov will be able to help - seeing as they are both Bulgarian.

We will have to wait if there is any substance to it though because Martin O'Neill is in his garden and nobody has told him yet that the transfer window is open or that Martin Petrov is a free agent and he doesn't need to wait for the window.

Right - I'm off to rant some more about the cheating players from the Brazil v Ivory Coast match last night and I'm also going to get myself comfortable for the Portugal game that kicks off in three hours.

So, thanks for reading and apologies for the short post, but there is nothing else and the other post was just getting silly. If anything else happens, I'll get off the sofa and post it, but don't expect anything until some time in August. Now, I'm going to go read about Nespresso as I think I might want one of those machines.