Paul Lambert catches up, but still no reply on our invitation

I just saw a headline so I don't know how true it is, but apparently Paul Lambert is wanting to sign some experienced players in the January transfer window.

That's nice seeing as it was written here before the season kicked off as the one thing we needed. I even wrote about it here when there was speculation linking Gareth Barry with a return.

I actually feel like saying I told you so to Lambert. What doesn't surprise me though is that he's ended up here. It was clear as day before the season started that was what we were missing. Hey ho, he's caught up. And this isn't the first time.

When we leave 4-3-3 again, we'll start to get better. Just like last season. And I hope this is true and I hope that it happens. Or what I actually hope is we bring in two. No more and no less.

Anyway, a short post with the above and to update you that there has been no contact about the live Hangout with Paul Lambert. Is he a lamb, a mice or man? Maybe we'll get a wallpaper done but we'll know in a couple of weeks.