Paul Lambert bingo going viral

Quick post. The writing is on the wall now. If things don't change quickly I can't see it going much further. Why do I write this?

Well, apart from the two seasons of little change Lambert bingo is now going viral. So much so that there is now a video of Lambert bingo and when this happens, you know there isn't long.

And let me confirm, I'm not for Lambert going. I think he needs to change his coaching staff, so things change on the pitch. I think it's fair to say that after two years of things not getting better, the coaching needs to change.

And I'm not saying in a big way, but in the right way. And I also think he needs to spend his money a little bit better. He could have done so much better with the money spent to date.

And if he does this, he'll get there. If he continues down the road he is on, he wont. Lambert bingo is viral and unless he changes things, this wont be the only YouTube clip we see.

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