Paul Lambert asks Aston Villa fans for a little realism and I go dream about Jermain Defoe

I hate speculation. Well sort of hate it. Sometimes I quite enjoy it and there is a story doing the rounds this morning that I like, even though my head and gut tell me it's rubbish. I tell myself that if I write about it, it might come true.

You see, it's about Jermain Defoe and I like Jermain Defoe. I've always liked Jermain Defoe and Jermain Defoe will always be a good striker. See how many times I mentioned his name in that sentence? That's how much I like Jermain Defoe.

From memory though, I believe we almost had him at Villa a while ago and it came down to wages and that we wouldn't pay it. Rumour had it at the time that he was looking for houses, he was that sure he was coming.

And because at heart I'm a cynical old git, that is why I'm fairly sure this is just made up speculation. He'll get close to £100,000 a week in the MLS and he's 31 years old. Why would he sign for us when we wont pay that much money or offer him a contract long enough for him to make that type of money?

But like I said, if I write it maybe I can convince myself that it's true. He is getting on .. but it isn't my money.

Paul Lambert

Now, we're moving on to some words from Paul Lambert. Guess which one I'm going to pick up on when you read this.

It’s about how you look at it. People can have a negative perspective of it but our points tally is a lot better than it was at this point last year – everything about us is better than it was last year.

We are 11th and there are some big clubs below us. The crazy thing is we’re just five points off Tottenham, who are regarded as one of the ‘big ones’.

The game on Saturday wasn’t great entertainment, put it that way. And we were the home team. But you’ve got to have a bit of realism.

Paul Lambert

Right, let's just get down to it. Yes, it's how you look at it and while to a very large degree it's about points on the table, everyone sort of expected us to be where we are, after all it is his second season.

Aston Villa fans are not complaining about something they expected. They're complaining that the football isn't developing and there appears to be little direction. But I guess it is how you look at it.

And that was just the first paragraph; what big clubs are below us? But it's the bit about how Spurs are considered one of the big ones that annoy a lot of people.

Just a few seasons ago, they were not considered one of the big ones and we were on a par with them. It's how in a short period of time, they move forward and we consider ourselves on a par with the likes of Sunderland, Stoke, West Ham, Fulham and dare I say it, West Brom.

But the bit that really winds me up is the manager asking us to have a bit of realism. I've got to really bite my tongue now as I could get into trouble, but the reality of things is ... no, I've got to stop.

I can't write this part now as he was managing Norwich a couple of years ago and had one half decent season. Reality can wait until after tomorrow. Let's see how we actually play football.