Over the moon, video and settling in

It was a good win yesterday and everything looked better that it has done of late but that doesn't mean I'm getting carried away even though I am getting carried away in my head. You see, even though I'm still confident of my prediction and I'm thinking about next season already, I'm also aware that this is two games and just a couple of weeks.

When Frank the Bank nearly got Derby promoted and had a very good first season, many were getting carried away but I saw him loaning lots of players from Chelsea at Derby and then I saw the new manager bounce at Chelsea. And the the two wins we have had are nothing more than a bounce.

They're a bounce because we are going to lose. It's the nature of that defeat and what happens next that is important to see.

It's also about seeing if any new players come in in January and what happens next summer. You all know I'm a big fan of not many changes and I believe, wholeheartedly that any good manager will know the importance of that too.

Yesterday was great and I'm over the moon, don't get me wrong I'm just a little more cautious than others. I like information too and I simply don't have enough to have a view either way. Right now, it's blind optimism.

But we are all starting to see things that make us feel like that optimism could be real. But it is too early. That said, it might be a little early, but time to settle in on a Sunday.