Off to a flyer and it's all go again at Norwich tomorrow

One game and from what I understand one training session is too early to judge anyone. I had one game of FIFA19 and won, that doesn't mean I'm the King of FIFA even if I am. It means things happened as they were supposed to happen.

But I guess I'm not alone in thinking things are good. And after 10 minutes of the match on Saturday, I suspect I wasn't the only one that was hoping we'd go on to score three or four more. It could have happened, but it wasn't to be our day in that regard. But it was in other ways.

My bet, going unbeaten at home for the rest of the season is still good. Nyland played well and John McGinn is quickly becoming the player I was told he could become. He still makes the odd mistake every game, but that can be forgiven for what he does the rest of the time. It's a pity he wont be playing tomorrow night.

Norwich is going to be interesting. They sit sixth at the moment and if we beat them we go equal on points. And there is a great deal of optimism at the moment. But it should be noted that the manager will probably only have one more, fairly slight session with the squad before tomorrow night.

We can't expect miracles, but we can be optimistic. I mean, we've got a local Aston Villa supporters managing the Club. It's a dream come true. For Dean Smith anyway.