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No surprises, maybe one coming and Downing, Young and Bent

Ashley Young did well on Saturday didn't he. If you didn't see it, he did and he is going to make it difficult for the manager this weekend. Bent also did well and when Downing came on with a few minutes to go, he also did well, coming in from the right.

I still think Downing better serves us on the the left and I would quite like to see Young on the right, but the ability to switch is a bonus and it adds to the threat. It was nice to see on Saturday.

If you watched the game I apologise for going on about it, but I need to for those that didn't, but this is the last bit I'm going to mention: Capello played 4-3-3 and it worked. I think Houllier might do the same or look to do something similar this weekend. When going forward, there was space and when defending everyone, well almost everyone, tracked back.

Twelfth man

I've had a couple of emails this week and I've seen a reference on Twitter to a campaign to get the twelfth man at Villa Park to come back. Well, I'm mentioning it but I'm not hopeful.

We have mentioned it so many times on this site and even started our own little campaign to get everyone singing a couple of weeks ago but it came to very little and it isn't because the article wasn't read or circulated.

I hope this one works, because I'm convinced the twelfth man at Villa Park has a part to play, in fact I know it, but it can't be we will support you for ninety minutes then we are going to protest - the support has to be unconditional otherwise it will be seen as nothing other than a stunt and you can't be involved in both if either is going to work. But that is just my opinion.

No player revolt

There was a story last week that eight players were considering their future at the club after new rules were brought in that they didn't like and because they were asked to work four hours a day instead of two. When I read the story it looked like it was made up, but when I read the names I started to think about how much we could get for these players and it opened up possibilities.

Alas, my initial thoughts were confirmed. It was all made up.

Brad Friedel
There has been a set of rules here for as long as I have been at the club as there is at every club and probably most, if not all, work environments. The suggestion that I am in revolt - or any player is in revolt - over new rules is laughable. There are no new rules of any substance that I am aware of and the vast majority of what is in the rule book was agreed years ago.

It reads to me as if the rules are just getting enforced and that it was maybe something that was overlooked under the previous regime, but this is just me speculating.

What I will say is this; guarantee me £2mn a year for four years and I'll do anything, but maybe that is just me.

At the end of the day

Right, that is it for now, there is a wallpaper going up later and if you are wondering why your t-shirt hasn't arrived, it is because I forgot to order them, I'm doing that today. If I've missed anything, please comment below or Tweet me. I'm off for breakfast.