No more speculation, but who was the best ever central defender to play for Aston Villa?

I'm sick to death of speculation. Will Curtis Davies leave, will we get Sebastian Larsson - are any of us really that bothered about those two?

The next player to sign that I will be very interested in, I suspect, will be another surprise - just like Darren Bent was until the story broke and I say story, because it was something real and not me adding three and two and getting nine.

The Villa Blog Project

So, I'm leaving all that. Instead, today we are going to concentrate on who was the best central defender to wear claret and blue between 1990 and 2010. King Carlos is in, but I don't expect him to win it.

I think we all know who is going to win this and because it is so easy, it does sort of make the question that will follow in a few days a little more difficult and that is; who partners him. It will be interesting to see.

Click here to vote for who you think was the best central defender for Aston Villa over the last two decades.

Short and sweet

I'm keeping this post simple and almost feel as if I'm doing the man a disservice by even having to ask, but it has to be done and I know it is a formality, but please vote, as the results of each vote will also be published and the player that gets the biggest winning margin is going to be named captain.