No game Tuesday, some speculation and the power of the media

You probably know, but the game against Bolton has been postponed and I don't think I need to explain why. Some have said it should have gone ahead, but I think in fairness, had the game been next weekend it probably would have. Happening so soon after everything that happened though, sort of makes it difficult and understandably so.

So with no match and little else to write about at the moment, I am forced to turn my attention to speculation and it isn't great. Talk is and it is just talk, is that Alex McLeish is interested in Andrew Johnson and Danny Guthrie.

It isn't the talk I mind so much. Players will come and players will go. This manager isn't going to inspire any signings of note and as such the talk will focus around fairly uninspiring players.

It is the belief that because he has signed a player from the Dutch Eredivisie, that he is here to stay. What happened to Villa Fans United and are people all of a sudden renewing season tickets because of one win?

Power of the media

Has all the PR thrown out by the local press managed to convince people that we are not in trouble or that the football under this manager is not second rate at best? It is sad, but I know the answer; it has.

But, there are other things that are not Aston Villa. I have no doubt we will get some news about Fabrice Muamba fairly soon. I hope he makes it through and I suspect he will, but things are going to be very different and that isn't nice and I know this has been written by others, but it sort of does put things into perspective.

But I guess it also depends on how things look from your point of view.