No debt, Dafabet and Nicklas Helenius

According to reports this morning, Nicklas Helenius is set to sign for Aston Villa. And I know, this is just another one of those to expect; a player that not many people have actually heard of.

And it is just speculation, but they're writing like it's going to happen. There is also talk that we're very interested in Jores Okore. Sorry again, but I've not heard of him. Or maybe I have, but I don't remember.

Does that make me bad? Not really, not many had heard of him and half of those that say they haven haven't either. It's a small number.

But, if for every three or four we bring in one has the level of impact that Benteke has, then we'll all be happy.

Actual news

So, that is the speculation out of the way, there is news and I know you all know this, but Andreas Weimann has signed a new contract. There has also been talk of repaying a debt by signing it. I don't think he has repaid anything and I also don't think he has to.

From a young age, he has been well rewarded and he is getting even more well rewarded now. I'm super happy and excited that he signed and I'm really looking forward to what comes, I just hope that he kicks on and doesn't now sit back - the next contract could be bigger if he proves himself once more and I'm extremely hopeful he does.

Lastly today, to Dafabet, our new club sponsor. From one casino to another. You've got to ask yourself if it wasn't good enough for Genting, what makes Dafabet think they can get anything more out of it? Maybe it's a big affiliate programme we've signed up for and it's commission based.

I've not played, but I will. I love my online roulette. Anyway, I'm online all day - drop your links and I've missed news, let me know below.

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