Still gutted but it's now about who the next Aston Villa manager is

Everything from yesterday still feels raw. I still can't believe that the Club have sacked the manager. Even looking at it now, I think to myself he could have easily got November and December and then I look on social media and there seems to be a lot of surprised people. But it's done, so now we turn our attention to who is next.

And the thing is, because they have done it like this all things point to them having a plan. So I think the Club know who they are getting and all the speculation is just a waste of our time, but speculate we must until the Club announce the next manager and this is something I expect to happen quite soon.

But I am drawn to why. Sure, results this year have not been great but every manager has periods where it's not great. It just feels so early in the season still and this feels like the actions of a Club that are reacting instead of leading.

From social media

The next manager

Nothing is pointing anywhere but Steven Gerrard is apparently the favourite to be appointed the next manager of Aston Villa. I'm in two minds, actually three. I could manage Rangers or Celtic in Scotland and there is a good chance I would win something. Okay, I've taken that too far. What I mean is, if you manage Rangers or Celtic it isn't very hard to win silverware.

Managing one of these sides shouldn't mean you are automatically in a position to get a top job in England. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it is the route these days but I don't think it's right and if we appoint Gerrard you've got to question what he has done to get the job.

But I'm also a little excited because there is a slim chance that he could be the next Sir Alex Ferguson. Much like there is a chance I could be the next Sir Alex Ferguson. I think you get my point. I mean, why not. If he fails badly, we still have time to bring Dean Smith back, if he'll have us back after the way we've treated him or bring in a new manager. But in all likelihood whoever we bring in is going to see out the season and have a go next time.

And whoever that is, I suppose should get a chance. Either way, I expect to find out soon. Very soon. And I'd not be surprised if it is Gerrard. But please not Terry.