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New kit, Gabby talks the talk and Ashton and Bentley

The new kit is unveiled tomorrow. It will be claret and blue and it will carry and advert for the same company sponsoring Fulham - trade like a pro - love it and you know what, despite initial reactions, every one will after a few weeks, if not instantly.

Instead of paying nearly £50 for it though, I'll be buying it at the end of the season for a tenner and adding it to my collection. It really does just make sense to do that for me and I'm sorry, but I'm not actually that interested in the unveiling either, like I said, the shirt will be claret and the sleeves will be blue.

There will be a club badge and a swoosh and some detailed line either in white or maybe even yellow this year and you know what, we've done it all before - it just feels like we are milking it now and it isn't worth it.

I understand why some are keen for it to be available but I'm not so keen this year and think it is about time I got something back apart from the promises and hope.

Gabby hopes for England call

The other day we had Downing making promises on what he was going to achieve this season and today we have Gabby. Okay, they're not really promises but they are talking themselves up.

For Downing to do better isn't going to be hard but Gabby; this is the last time he can really expect to be taken seriously in pre-season talking himself up. Actions and words and all that.

Gabby has to finally become a goal scorer. We talk about him doing so much more but strikers are not supposed to 'do so much more', they are supposed to score goals. Okay, 13 goals in the league last season is good, but good if you're an attacking midfielder, it isn't that good for a striker at a club with aspirations and certainly not for a player with hopes of an England call.

We also saw quite a few chances last season you'd have put money on someone like Robbie Keane, Jermain Defoe or Darren Bent putting away.

Last season Gabby got 13, the season before was 12 and the season before that was 11. If Gabby scores more than fourteen league goals next season (so basically 15) I'll go a month without beer and meat and for anyone that knows me, a month without beer and meat for me would be like Martin O'Neill trying to go a couple of months without saying "In the first half I thought we played really well and I was pleased with the way started," or something meaning the same.

I just can't see Gabby doing it.