New deal for Webcam and who was the best striker?

New deal coming for Ashley Young according to reports

This is just a quick post today as the wife and kids are sick and I'm feeling as if I should be more involved with them and less involved in compiling lists of players. So, I'm hitting the main points from the papers and sending you to vote on who you think the best striker to play for Aston Villa over the past two decades.

New deal for Ashley Young

One of the papers today has suggested we are going to offer a new deal for Ashley Young to keep him at the club. Contracts mean nothing these days, but if we offer him more and he wants to stay, why not. The game is mad and I guess we have to pay it as nobody seems interested in fixing the problems.

You know what, I think he'll sign too. I tweeted this week or last that Bent will take some pressure off Webcam and I think that will make it easier for him to stay. Before Bent signed, he thought of himself as the top man at the club, and maybe he was, but he isn't any longer.

Also, if Houllier can bring in one or two players early in the summer that make people take notice, I think Webcam will see that it might very well be possible here and he might sign on for the ride.

There isn't much else today apart from the papers reflecting on the win yesterday. It was a good win from a team with quite a few changes, but I've got to watch it again before commenting, so we move on to the project.

The team of our generation

I've probably missed someone from the poll and I'm thinking I have, but if I'm forgetting them that easily they couldn't have been that memorable. Also, take note that this poll is working towards both strikers in the team of our generation. Basically first and second placed get in, but please vote for who you think was the best. Second place will take care of itself.

Continuing the project - today we are looking for the best striker to have played for Aston Villa in the 90' and 00's. Click here to vote for who you think was the best striker for Aston Villa over the last two decades.