More than just talk of local Qatar investment

There was speculation. Forum posters, in the know and I even wrote a post suggesting there was no smoke without fire and yesterday, Central News told us that the oil nation Qatar is on the verge of announcing a major local investment.

Where to begin? How about with Doug Ellis? Okay, maybe not with Doug Ellis, but he and Randy are very similar and many wanted Ellis gone and the core reason for it was that he didn't take the risks.

He wouldn't push the boat out. Randy did, but looking back we can see now that the boat was pushed out, but there was still a line to the dock.

If there is going to be investment from Qatar, I'm still of the opinion that it wont be that but a controlling stake or outright purchase of Aston Villa and this view goes back to 2009 - read about it here and if this is true, would you be happy or sad?

The game is broken

I for one would be a little happy, but also a little sad. The game is broken and the rules have become a blur. If you want to compete, you need the funds and with the funds, if done right, you will compete. A byproduct of spending a bucket load of cash on a Premier League club is you'll end up winning.

And it is sad, but Randy just didn't have enough and that isn't his fault, you can't say he didn't try. But if this is all true and he sells out to the Qatar Investment Authority, he would have done the right thing and hopefully now, we will get our roots and branch change we all hoped we were going to get a few years ago.

It is just speculation, but it is the local media now speculating and I don't mean the press boys at the beck and call of the club - this is TV news and well, it is interesting. Didn't someone say on a forum somewhere that an announcement would be made in March - could he have been 100% right all along?