Mings signs, new shirt and almost done

I said I was going to get better and I haven't, so sorry again. I know I shouldn't apologise but there you go. Anyway, a few things have happened and there is something to write about. The biggest news is Tyrone Mings signing, it's good news.

It's fair to say he was influential last season. The Premier League is different though and it is a sort of gamble and also sort of contradicts what the manager has said he wants, in Premier League experience, but I think I speak for most Aston Villa fans when I say, we're happy about the deal.

And Mings was used to promote the new kit. It's claret and blue and I'm not sure it's any different from any shirt we've had for as long as I can remember, so we move on.

But quite a bit more has happened too. Matt Targett has signed from Southampton, the players are back for pre-season and there is quite a bit of speculation. The speculation is getting a little out of hand, someone somewhere mentioned Daniel Sturridge.

I say out of hand because even though I quite like the idea of giving him a chance, he reminds me a little of Gabby and that worries me. And even though he'd be coming on a free and effectively coming home, we've got Wesley, Hogan and Kodjia as well as Davis and Hepburn-Murphy and I fancy all of them are more invested in Aston Villa than Sturridge ever will be.

But I could be wrong. I'd love to be wrong. But I do think we're close to done and I'm not going to entertain the rest of the speculation.

Mings interview