Millwall in the FA Cup and the transfer window is well and truly open

This post is late because I only saw the game last night and it would have been too easy to write a post after the match with the suggestion that it was only Ipswich and we were always going to win.

Truth is, I fancied we would win but it wasn't a nailed on certainty. We are having a horrid time of it at the moment and we don't look like, despite the victory against Ipswich, a team that is going places.

A decent performance

And the truth is, it wasn't a bad performance. Bent and Weimann scored and both were decent goals and we really did deserve the win. We created more and had more of the ball and despite going 1-0 down, we didn't lose our heads. But it was only Ipswich, right?

Name in the hat

But a win is a win and the most important thing about the weekend was that we got our name in the hat for the next round and it turns out that will be a nice match too; away at Millwall. Where boys become men.

And it doesn't matter if we go on an unbeaten run between now and the next round, Millwall is going to be tough and not a nice place to go and I mean that for those going too, that part of South East London is horrible and you'll be grateful of the police escort.

But on paper, we should be good for the victory even though Millwall are doing well in the Championship, but that is for another post on another day. More important things are happening.

The transfer window is open

Yes, we have a very important match tomorrow but the transfer window is open and you'd have to have been stuck in a jungle in South America not to know that we need to strengthen and by all accounts, that looks like it might happen this week.

But all things also point to a loan signing or two and this is good for us. Getting the right type of player in January is always tough and the focus right now should really be on stabilising and securing our status in Premier League for next season, not worrying about getting in more youngsters that might or might not come good.

So, not that anyone at the club has said anything, but I suspect we might see someone new lining up against Southampton at the weekend and it might just prove to be the loan signing of the season if they get it right.