Meet some of the Aston Villa team from 1982 this weekend and dubious news

Players from Aston Villa’s famous 1982 European Cup winning side will be meeting fans at this weekend’s Winter Memorabilia Show at the NEC. If you want to go and need a ticket click here.

Players that will be there include Tony Morley, Gordon Cowans, Gary Shaw, Des Bremner, Dennis Mortimer and Ken McNaught this Sunday.

As football fans, you might also want to know that the likes of Roy Keane, Denis Law and Nicky Butt will also be there. There are others, but some I'm not going to mention because they're clowns.

There, some publicity. Because it is interesting and you never know - you might want something to do this weekend. More information here.

Dubious news

The title to this next section isn't actually accurate and I'm not sure why I'm using it - the news isn't dubious. It is just news and well, here it is in bullet points for you.

  • Pires rejects move to Doncaster - apparently the deal fell through when he wouldn't move. I don't know how it fell through. Probably because they were not paying enough
  • Two great goals from Gary Gardner. When will he start to play regularly for the first team? Your guess is as good as mine. I think this season though
  • £45 a year for AVTV. Honestly. That is a lot of cash for not a lot. Turns out I couldn't use the word I wanted to use.
  • The club want you to give your views to them and you could win prizes. Is this just another way to pump up the PR. Come on guys - do it right. From the ground up and the top down. This PR doesn't work anymore.

I gotta run before I get into trouble.