Match prediction and competition: Birmingham City v Aston Villa

We've had a little look at the match, we've had a little banter about the match and we've also had Martin O'Neill doing a Brian Clough telling us it's about the players and not the formations. Martin O'Neill is great, but he's no Brian Clough.

Anyway, after all that, I'm going to have a prediction for tomorrow and we are also going to have a competition to win a t-shirt or two. I'm putting one up, but I'm also going to ask our friends at Soccerprint to see if they want to offer up any and if they do, it will just mean the next in line will win also.

First up, I'll do the prediction. I think we will win this, I just can't see Birmingham City beating us despite the fairly good start they've had to the season. If you look at their club, in all departments; players, manager, stadium, attitude and everything else, they're just not as big as us.

The only way I can see us losing this match is if we don't show up and we look like we are not that interested and with O'Neill as manager, I just can't see that happening and if you were to line up our players next to their players and the quality of players was determined by height; they'd all be shorter than our players.

So, I'm predicting three points, but I'm also going to stick my head out and say it will be 3-1 and at PaddyPower, you can get 17/1 for that. Seeing as I'm feeling fairly confident also, I'm going to predict that Gabby is a goal scorer and for that, you'll get 15/8, which I fancy is a very decent bet.

Competition Time

Right, like I've said, there is definitely one t-shirt up for grabs here. All you have to do is predict the minute of the first Aston Villa goal and the closest gets the t-shirt and then depending on how many are offered up by our very good friends at Soccerprint, they'll be more.

{rokbox title=|Aston Villa 5 Birmingham City 1 :: Curtis Davies will be watching | thumb=|images/stories/curtis300.jpg|size=|640 480| album=|fiveone|}images/stories/fiveone/curtis.jpg{/rokbox}

But, don not enter the competition below. Instead, click here (will open in a new tab/window for you to make it easy) and you'll be taken to the forum thread where you have to add your answer. If you are registered here and logged in, you'll be logged in at the forum too as it's on the same site now. If you are not registered you can't enter as you need to be logged in. So register!

Basically guess the minute our first goal goes in and you never know, you might be the winner of a t-shirt and yes, we will be running Twitter on match day and we will also have a live chat service here and there is a match thread up in the new forum.