Match postponed, really this time and Roberto Canella

Earlier in the week the club didn't let me down. They published a story titled and I swear this is exactly how they published it, 'Wigan Game ON'. Imagine Dom Joly on the phone shouting 'the game is on, what, the game, it's on'.

Well, it turns out the match is off and yes, the club can say 'Wigan told us' but if they do, that makes them look even more foolish, because the country is in the grip of the coldest winter for more than thirty years. If I were Randy Lerner, I'd send an email out to all employees telling them not to reply to any email where a solicitor has contacted them with the news that Aston Villa Football Club have inherited £200mn from a wealthy supporter who has just died.

Still, I'm not surprised, just a little annoyed that there will be no football today, okay there will be football, but no Aston Villa. I'm also actually quite sorry for the people that maybe booked tickets to get to Wigan or hotels or basically spent some money based on the club predicting the future.

I'm making more of it than I should I know and I will leave it in a minute and you could say it's an honest mistake, but unless {rokbox title=|Aston Villa predicting the future :: Back to the Future with Aston Villa| text=|Michael J Fox pulls up outside my house in a DeLorean|size=|640 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} telling me to put all my savings on the fourth horse in the Grand National - I'm not doing it, I don't care who has told me, because, well, do I really need to explain?

So, instead of watching Villa today, what are we going to do? We could discuss the speculation that we are interested in Roberto Canella. Robert who? Well, he's 21 years old, he's a left back and apparently he plays for Sporting Gijón and I say apparently, because well, I've never heard of him.

So, he fits the bill; young, so not wanting a huge salary and full of potential. He is also Spanish, which would be nice for King Carlos and if the speculation is true, he has to pick between us and Wigan, you have to fancy he'll pick us.

But, this won't happen. I'll give it a one out of five. It won't happen because there must be, somewhere on our own island a 21 year old left back who is just as good or better and actually, if we were to look really close to home, we might also find him already at our club. My point is, O'Neill isn't going to waste money on a player he could get in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales and in this particular case I don't blame him.

Final WordTimes are changing. in my day, a little bit of snow didn't stop a match and we never wore gloves but to continue the trend of predicting the future, I predict that in 15 years time they won't play in the rain. The game is changing and well, nobody wants to stop it and because we continue to spend the money, we only have ourselves to blame, nobody else.