Massive result for Aston Villa at Burnley

You could look look at this match in so many ways. We did okay in patches and for the first five minutes we had nearly 80% possession. We also had a few shots today and ironically that meant more shots on target and actually a goal.

You could also look at Joe Cole starting and scoring and for the first half anyway, him looking like a player that should have been playing all season. Then you could look at it without any rose tinted glasses on. You could just look at it that this is what everyone probably expected to happen.

We score and fail to hold on to the lead isn't exactly how you would have predicted the day to have gone, but had someone told you that we would score first, there is a fair chance that if you asked the question to 100 people, most would say we'd concede in the last ten minutes to get a draw.

And that is what happened. With three minutes to go Okore concedes a penalty and we end up throwing away our lead and the three points. But we've left with a point and Paul Lambert will be happy with that. You laugh, I'm not joking. Paul Lambert will be happy with a point against Burnley and think it a massive result.

I'm not happy but as I wrote earlier, I don't think the result really mattered today. Would you really feel any different had we won or lost?