Martin O'Neill exposed and it isn't really news, there isn't much of that

I was pointed to a post made on Aston Villa News and Views yesterday that was linking to a story on the Daily Mail. The piece, by Neil Poxley isn't really news, but he has got some quotes from a former O'Neill player - or that is what we are led to believe, and it isn't nice.

You see, this mysterious former player that doesn't get named - so easy these days - says some things about O'Neill that might or might not shock some, but really, if they are true, should be a concern.

Mysterious former international player for Martin O'Neill
I didn’t do any pattern play under him [O'Neill]. We didn’t really do much by way of work on set-pieces either, although people will find that difficult to believe. The fitness work was pretty standard. Most of our play was off the cuff.

However, Martin knows what he wants: centre halves, defend; full backs, stop crosses and defend; midfielders, help out at either end of the pitch and create goals; and strikers, score them. As long as you are prepared to give him what he wants, then Martin O’Neill will stand by you morning, noon and night.

Now, like I've said, this isn't really news. I've said before that I wouldn't be surprised if certain things are not worked on in training and while this former international player isn't at our club right now and doesn't actually know what goes on, would you really be surprised to learn, after watching Ashley Young since the day he arrived, that crossing is not worked on in training?

My view very much is that if you give Martin O'Neill the Manchester United squad and the budget that the job carries, he will win the League, because he will get the best out of the players. He won't develop the football or players - but they have some fantastic players and well, can afford to go buy more every transfer window.

But, for Martin O'Neill to take Aston Villa to the next level, he is going to need some seriously significant funds because he is going to need some much better players to take us to the next level, because there is only so far you can go with working hard and determination. But we all know this.

However, we are in the final of a competition and if any supporter of any team could pick a manager to have on their side when they reach a final, most would pick Martin O'Neill. We sort of all accept, even if some still have hope, that we are not going to break into the top four this season but winning the League Cup will save O'Neill from any criticism this season.

So, this isn't really a news post because we all knew it; it is just getting confirmed. It will raise questions amongst some and some will actually decide not to acknowledge this, but deep down they will know it is true.

For news, you could believe this, that Sunderland Boss Steve Bruce has admitted that Beye is on the radar, but actually, they don't have a quote or you could believe what Martin O'Neill is saying about the Kris Boyd rumours. That is news.

Martin O'Neill on Kris Boyd speculation
I was surprised at that. I had seen it on the television tickertape that he [Boyd] was signing for us. I know the player very well indeed. He was in Scotland at the time I was managing Celtic but there isn’t any truth in it.

I don’t know if players are at football games. It’s not my job to check what celebrities are in the stand or not. I am more interested in the results. I wouldn’t have an idea if a player was at a game or not. I wouldn’t know that. There is absolutely no truth in the story.

I have to pop out for thirty minutes or so, but a match post is coming up at about 2pm today.